9/5/22 11:?? PM

Btw I'm using MM/DD/YY for dates.

Sup. I make stuff. Sometimes I'll put that stuff here, along with some other stuff that I like.

Sollux from Homestuck wearing a Team Fortress 2 Ghostly Gibus.

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9/5/22 11:?? PM

This is a map I made for Open Fortress called Spiral.

A screenshot of the map.

9/5/22 11:?? PM

At the time of writing this a webcomic I like called Xenologia is letting readers contribute to the comic by making some graffiti that would appear in the background. I made these for that, I think they're pretty cool.

12 doodles of various colors. 3 doodles with the primary colors.

9/6/22 12:19 AM

I got the burst of motivation to make this after not being able to sleep (as usual) and wanting to do something productive after poetically rambling to myself about something I might share here someday. Reading my programming book would fry my brain this late so I wanted to try something easier. I had been learning HTML online during class but I haven't really made anything yet, so this is the perfect place. I'll probably work on this again to slack during my tech class 'cause it's pretty boring.

9/9/22 10:01 AM

This website is pretty plain so far, I wanna add some cooler CSS and Javascript stuff in the near future.

9/14/22 11:24 AM

I need an excuse to insert tables and lists, so here are some numbers important to something specific.

Funny numbers:
413 612
1025 111111
  1. 413
  2. 612
  3. 1025
  4. 111111
- April 13th
- June 12th
- October 25th
- November 11th, 2011

9/19/22 1:59 PM

Someone in front of me was watching Metal Family during history class. Hell yeah, incredible taste. That's the first time I've seen someone else know of the show irl.

9/29/22 7:56 AM

So I just finished reading A Beginner's Guide to the End of the Universe a few days ago. It was really cool go you should go read it.

Also I can do Javascript buttons now yay, really basic ones but still.

10/12/22 8:08 AM

Wow nevermind I'm really bad at updating this thing with interteresting stuff. I think I got an idea though. I'll use this to record my mapping progress (hopefully).

10/12/22 10:12 PM

I've been working on this map during the past week or so. I got back into CS:GO a few months ago and I felt the itch to try mapping again with the extra knowledge I have now. I wish I still had some of my older stuff. I'm pretty sure I have the harddrive for my older bricked PC but I'm not sure if it'll work, or if it even has the files.

A screenshot of the bombsite I'm proud of. I think this site is cool but I was kinda stumped on how to make the entrance. An older design had you going through mid but that was kinda awkward. I've noticed that official maps tend to zig zag more. Mine does not, so there were some aburd sightlines I had to find a way to fix.
One more image of the bombsite. I probably artpassed way too early. But sometimes I struggle to see if part my map is bad or just incomplete looking. It did force me to clean up the brushwork though which is nice to have. Simple flat stretches under the hood can be made up of a multitude of brushes if you want both outdoor and indoor areas with different floor textures.
One more image of the bombsite. I'm not sure if this upper area will be cool or not. Bots don't realize the full potential of these rooms because they don't know how to use utility. They're also very bad at going through doors and jumping onto things. I'm hoping my friends will find time to play this with me. They play more Valorant than CS:GO, but hopefully it'll be a good time. Them pulling me into Valorant is actually what got me back in CS:GO. I think both games are fun.
One more image of the bombsite. I started making this map with just the single bombsite I showed you earlier. I was pretty stumped on where to take the map from there for a few days. Maybe I should've blocked out the layout first. I finally bit the bullet a few days ago and made something but I'm not the biggest fan of it so far. I've gotta build these maps with the timings in mind because they used to be absurdly short. I've found that at minimum it can take 7-10 for teams to meet eachother on maps like Dust 2 or Cache. Mine used to be way too short. This is a bit better but I still think the routes are pretty uninspired. Hopefully I can end up with something pretty cool at the end.

10/20/22 6:02 PM

I've made a lot of changes to my map, also I forgot to actually link last time it so here it is. It's unlisted right now due to it being unfinished but once I get close to finalizing the layout I'll add the radar and make it public. I haven't needed the radar myself because I know the map but I should probably get on with that. It's just gonna be a little bit of pain since there are some indoor sections.

Map screenshot.Site A could probably be a bit bigger. I think might push some stuff back so that CT's take more passive angles instead of rushing. Well the bots do that anyway. Map screenshot. I still think mid could use some work. I've found that CT's can flank T's way too fast from here at the start of the round via the part on the right.
Map screenshot.I think this spot on B is cool. T's can get the high ground if they rush but it can shut down by an incendiary at the start of round. T's may want to bring a smoke here to extinguish that. Map screenshot.There's this other route here to B here. I'm not sure if CT's are able to push here too fast or if it's just that bots tend to rush a lot. I'd like to make this area riskier for a CT to push.
Map screenshot.This is a connector to mid from B. It leads to some highground by the site. I haven't fought a lot here though so I dunno if it's cool in pratice, but I atleast think that it's cool in theory. Map screenshot.This connector from mid to A is a one way drop. I just did that because I thought it was cool. It makes rotating out of the site slower, some personality I guess. I might add some crates in there or something so that you could boost up with 2 people.
Map screenshot.I'm worried that B site might be nightmarish to retake, especially from CT spawn due to the sightline from the door. But I don't want to touch too much of this map. A lot of my changes have been based on gut feeling after playing with bots, but I might not get the best feedback from them. Map screenshot.This room was adjusted so that T's entering the building wouldn't have their feet exposed from the spot with the blue door in the top right. A lot of these wack sightlines don't become apparent until you're running around the level yourself. You look at corners and angles differently when you're in game versus a mostly bird's eye view in Hammer.
Map screenshot.Bots will sometimes get stuck on the ladder. I don't really know why this happens or how to fix it, but it's kinda funny looking. Map screenshot.Hopefully this got properly packed with the workshop version. I've updated the navmesh so that bot's can jump through windows now.
Map screenshot.They get stuck and miss the jump on ocassion, but bots play site A way better now that they can use the windows. Map screenshot.The more the merrier. I like putting a lot of bots on the enemy team since they aren't the most challenging on their own. I've found this way harder on T side, but maybe that's just because the map is CT sided.

I think this is coming together nicely, but I'm not sure how well it will fare against real people. I've only had one other person play the map so far agaisnt bots. I've only played agaisn't bots. Real players will use every nook and crany, every corner and cubby hole, to their advantage. It might be horribly one sided, but I'm having fun making and playing my map, and that's what counts I guess. That's pretty cheesy but good advice.

10/27/22 3:49 PM

I found a fellow RPG hoodie nerd at school today. I noticed he was wearing a OneShot hoodie. I went to talk to him just to say it was cool.

My memory's not perfect, but this was pretty much the whole conversation:

We then gave eachother a thumbs up and I went to my table.

OneShot hoodie. The hoodie he was wearing. Omori hoodie. The hoodie I wear everyday to school. (don't worry it gets washed)

By the way, I updated the stylesheet. I think this looks much nicer with the margins. I also made some of the earlier images scale better when the size of the window changes, but I still wouldn't recommend viewing this site on a phone.

11/25/22 3:01 AM

Been a while huh? Well anyway, Thanksgiving was pretty cool this year. We only had a few peole over but it was nice. Okay this post needs to be long than that.

So over like, a few years already I've been animating stuff. Of course it started out pretty bad, but as I came back to it, I got a little bit better, and then little bit more better. Now I can say with confidence: "hey, that's actually pretty okay now, maybe even good." They're not masterpieces but I'm feeling really proud of myself for improving.

Animation I made 3/13/22. Animation I made 11/23/22.
The older one. The newer one.

My really, really old work is either buried on my hard drive somewhere or lost, I've been making an effort to archive and date more of my stuff recently. I write dates on all my drawings now, even just doodles.

12/20/22 12:?? PM

It's winter break! School's been alright I guess but I really needed this.

This has been out for almost 2 months already, but I need something to fill this blog. I made another Open Fortress map here. I started it like a 8 months ago and forgot about it until like 2 months ago where I made it playable. I started it off making a neat looking half octagon room and building from there. I don't know if it plays well or not since I haven't been in a lot of duel games. I need to push myself to do that. To get better even if my ass gets kicked, it's part of the learning process for any good fps.

9/5/22 11:?? PM